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The study of architecture and technical company consultancy in 2012 is intended as an area where both physical and virtual material  gives form to the wishes and needs of manufacturing social and commercial housing for various clients.
Skills and experiences were developed with the first PC in the late 80's with the 'late  friend architect John Adamidis.

Architect Francesco Saretta, former assistant professor at the IUAV along  with some staff and " students of  yesterday," "colleagues today",that by the end of 1998, had built up a first website with what was available at the time.

To those who directly and indirectly worked with us, thanks are due. The 'large studio space is shared with colleagues and friends of the Forma Urbis and Studio Tre & Associates, whose occupation of searching for the coherent development of the area
and relationships with prestigious universities in Europe and USA, allowing a flood of information and training in various disciplines of our business.


The objective of external communication in confidence, is to offer architectural services integrated with the client the possibility to check the progress of the project first and then the state of the works, all on-line, or from your tablet smartphone.

We also propose, interactive panoramas with several companies for building, electrics, plumming, interior design and furnishings etc! Construction, for this  operational practice, ensures time indications of the technical and economic values of traditional materials as those relevant to 'Innovation and the various components to use for you, with you, in the realization of a project.

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